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UNI 9994-1 Standard

The new Maintenance Standard UNI 9994-1 "Fire Extinguishing Equipment - Fire extinguishers - Part 1: Initial control and maintenance for portable and trolley fire extinguishers" has been published by the Italian National Unification Authority "UNI".

The new standard sheds light on those involved in maintenance, and varies the timing of scheduled review and testing; brings from 4 to 6 maintenance phases, introduces operations not covered in previous versions such as the obligation to mark the date and name of the company both inside and outside the fire extinguisher during the overhaul and testing, introduces the obligation to replace the valves of the CO2 extinguishers and, very important, limits the life of all extinguishers to 18 years from the date of construction (also the portable UNI EN 3/7 and the carriages.

This is an important regulatory update for the sector, as the standard will be the reference to operate according to the RULE OF THE ART.

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