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Updating courses for fire prevention, fire fighting and emergency management

With Legislative Decree 81/08, a generic obligation to periodically update was established with regard to the aspects of training in the field of health and safety in the workplace.

However, the legislation was not particularly clear regarding the frequency with which the fire prevention courses must be updated, referring to the dated DM 10 March 1998. The coordinated Decrees 81/08 and 106/09 establish the obligation of this update even if the periodicity is not specified; in this regard, the Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1998 in attachment 7 point 4 provides that: "In workplaces where, pursuant to article 5 of this decree, there is an obligation to draw up an emergency plan connected with the risk assessment, workers must participate in fire drills, carried out at least once a year, to put into practice the exodus and first aid procedures (...)." Since it seems unthinkable to carry out an exercise without first having prepared with a minimum review of theory, the practical test is in effect an update for firefighters. On February 23, 2011, the Fire Department issued a circular letter to clarify the aspects relating to the training of firefighters.

The program of courses envisaged by the circular according to the level of risk is as follows:
Refresher course for firefighters in activities with low fire risk: duration 2 hours.
Refresher course for firefighters in activities at medium fire risk: duration 5 hours.
Refresher course for firefighters in activities with a high risk of fire: duration 8 hours

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