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Marine Equipment Directive

In the Official Journal of the European Union n.239 (September 15, 2011) was published the Directive 2011/75/EU amending the directive 96/98/CE on marine equipment (MED).

The MED Directive covers all equipment and materials that are intended to be used on board seagoing (non-military) vessels. Therefore, these are equipment for radio communications and navigation, materials for fitting out the ship itself and fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, hoses, fire doors, sprinklers.

With the new Directive 2011/75/EU, Annex A of 96/98/EC is fully replaced, listing the equipment, the types of tests (and related test standards) and the specific modules for conformity assessment.

Concerning that equipment listed in Annex A.1 'Equipment for which international instruments already contain standards' - transferred from Annex A.2. 'Equipment for which there are no detailed test standards in international instruments' – marketing and use on board EU vessels is allowed until 5 October 2014, in case it was produced before 5 October 2012, in accordance with the approval procedures in force before that date.

The Member States are therefore called to adopt and publish, by and no later than 5 October 2012, the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this directive.

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