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We perform scheduled maintenance

Types of Maintenance


  • M.I. and R.I.NA. fire extinguishers.

  • UNI 45 - UNI 70 fire hoses, NASPIs

  • Fire pump and motor pump units

  • Generator sets

  • Fire doors and gates

  • Emergency exits (panic bars)

  • I.P.D. (personal protective equipment)

  •  Sprinkler systems

  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) systems

  • Inert gas systems

  • Foam systems

  • Fire-fighting water systems

  • Fire detection systemsWater mist systems

  • O.R.S. (oxygen reduction systems) plants

  • Flow and pressure testing of water systems

  • Testing of systems, cylinders, M.I. and R.I.NA. hoses.

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