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Our Certifications

Our goal is to put the customer at the center of our business, providing them with certified and reliable installations. To do this, Tasi has several certifications and authorizations, including ISO 9001: 200, the R.I.NA certificate for firefighting equipment installations and maintenance on board ships, Port Authority authorization (art. 68), and the CEA Certificate of Qualification

ISO 9001:200

This is a certification issued by TÜV Italia, a certification, inspection and training body that offers certification services in the areas of quality, energy, environment, safety and product. The certificate is valid for: the sale of CEA-branded fire extinguishers and accessories; marketing of accident prevention material, components and accessories for firefighting systems; and periodic maintenance and service of fire extinguishers and firefighting systems.


R.I.NA. represents the operational arm of the Italian Naval Registry in the field of ship classification, certification, inspection and services for the industry. 


Thanks to the certificate issued, T.A.SI. is qualified to perform the following activities:

measurement of thicknesses;

hull surveys to floating units of ships and mobile platforms;

inspection and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers and mobile fire fighting systems;

overhaul of rafts, rescueboats and inflatable lifebelts, and hydrostatic release devices;

overhaul and testing of radiocommunication equipment;

inspection and testing of centralized gas welding and cutting equipment;

inspection and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus.

Port Authority Authorization

The Port Authority regulates business activity in the port area and thus the exercise of all activities related to port operations and/or services carried out in that context.


Pursuant to l. 647/96, moreover, the Port Authority exercises the powers established by Art. 68 of the Navigation Code: those who exercise an activity within the territorial circumscription of the Authority, are subject in the performance of that activity, to the supervision of the Authority itself and registered in a special register.

CEA Group

Since 2003, we have been part of a Certified Group, the CEA Group, which encompasses a network of Qualified Service Centers capable of relating to customers and satisfying their most sophisticated safety and fire prevention needs.


The objectives of T.A.SI.'s entry into the Group were three from the beginning:


to improve the quality of service delivery by defining procedures, standards and delivery techniques; 

to improve the preparation of professional figures by organizing Training Courses to provide tools and methodologies necessary for carrying out daily work;

to promote the image of the Service Center on the market through the brand name "QUALIFIED SERVICE CENTER CEA ESTINTORI".


In fact, thanks to the Qualification Certificate awarded to us by CEA Estintori S.p.A, we prove to customers that we are a solid group with tradition, expertise and reliability in the field. These elements make us first in safety by offering quality products and services and allow us to stand out from our competitors.


To crown the strong bilateral bond that unites CEA Fire Extinguishers and Service Centers, a new logo was created, that of CEA Service Group.


In addition, at the end of 2003 the Group obtained TÜV certification, a testament to its commitment and growth in quality and prevention. 

CEA Gruppo Servizi, was the first Italian group to obtain this recognition, which is an additional guarantee of safety and high quality.

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