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T.A.SI. offers comprehensive corporate fire and security services.


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Testing and Verification

Flow rate and pressure testing of firefighting water systems


The use and characteristics of water mains are regulated by UNI 10779, and to comply with this standard, all fire-fighting plumbing systems must be tested by means of a flow and pressure test. The purpose of the test is to ascertain that the hydraulic system under consideration has sufficient water flow rate to intervene in the event of a fire.


Door Fan Tests


The Door Fan Test (or leakage test) is a mandatory test regulated by UNI 11280:2020. Its purpose is to analyze the permeability of a room, that is, how it reacts to a change in pressure between inside and outside to prevent air flow through the walls. So, it makes it possible to assess the extent of leakage in a room and, consequently, its "tightness."



Weighing with ultrasonic equipment

Planning and Design

Design of industrial civil fire protection systems (detection - extinguishing)


Designing a fire protection system means making a work that is likely to respond to an emergency.




Design of civil industrial electrical fire protection systems (detection)


Electrical systems are a potential fire hazard, so it is essential to turn to trusted professionals. The team at T.A.SI. will certainly be able to help you.


Design for corporate evacuation plans


Drawing up emergency and evacuation plans is mandatory for any company with more than 10 CPI employees, according to DM 10/03/1998, Art. 5. These are operational tools for proper fire management, through which the set of activities to be carried out in case of an emergency is examined.


Design for dislocation of fire safety systems.

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Practical Reports

Surveys and practices for the issuance of Fire Prevention Certificate (CPI)


The CPI is a mandatory certificate that ensures that the building complies with fire prevention regulations. The certificate must be renewed every five years and is issued to the company's fire safety officer.





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