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How we operate

Immediate assistance within one hour of a client's phone call (if necessary);

Daily – weekly – monthly – half-yearly visits (as often as required by the Client);

Responsibility for our work and managed jobs;
Complete management of fire protection systems for companies;
Information on current and forthcoming rules and regulations;
VVF (Fire Service) / ASL (Local Health Authority) / ARPAL (Ligurian Regional Agency for Environmental Protection) / R.I.NA. (Royal Institution of Naval Architects) / ISPESEL (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Prevention) practices;
Courses on low, medium and high risk fire protection;
Occupational Health and Safety Management and First Aid courses;
Training / Tests / Qualifications.

Design, supply, installation of smoke/temperature detection and fire extinguishing systems on land and on ships;
Construction of land-based and/or marine water and/or gas extinguishing systems;
Construction of land-based and/or marine fire detection systems;
Construction of safety systems;
Project for issuing of the fire prevention certificate

Extinguishers approved under M.I. and R.I.NA/MED;
Fire-fighting equipment – fire-fighting hose - cabinets – nozzles;
Doors – fire doors – fire windows with all REI protections;
Company signage and safety signs;
Personal protective equipment for fire-fighting teams;
Items for protection of the corporate environment.