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TÜV Italy, certification, inspection and training body.
TÜV Italy, Italian subsidiary of TÜV SÜD Group, is the corporate partner in the areas of certification, inspection, testing and training.
It provides quality, energy, environment, safety and product certification services
and is fully committed to helping the Company bring its corporate systems or final product in line with standards which guarantee efficiency and reliability over time, thus increasing the company's competitive strength in the market.

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R.I.NA. represents the operative branch of the Italian Naval Register in the sector of naval classification, certification, control and services for industry. The service providers are qualified by RINA to carry out the following activities:
measurement of thicknesses;
hull inspections of floating units of ships and mobile platforms;
inspection and maintenance of portable extinguishers and mobile fire-fighting systems;
inspection of rafts, rescue boats and inflatable lifebelts, as well as hydrostatic disconnect devices;
inspection and testing of radio-communication equipment;
inspection and testing of centralised gas welding and cutting systems;
inspection and maintenance of breathing apparatus.

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certificazione rina

Port Authority
The Port Authority is responsible for regulating port-related company activities. Therefore, the carrying out of any activity relating to port operations and/or services in this context must be expressly authorised by the Port Authority.
In accordance with law 647/96, the Port Authority also enforces the provisions established in article 68 of the Navigation Laws: therefore, anyone carrying out activities within the Port Authority's territorial district, is subject to the Port Authority's surveillance and noted in the appropriate records.