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CEA Group

Since 2003, "A Certified Group" has been an important project which has seen us emerge as leaders in our sector, by showing clients that we are a robust group that can boast tradition, competence and reliability in the fire-fighting sector, elements which make us stand out against our competitors.

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The aim of CEA Group is to:
- be the leaders in our sector with high market visibility;
- create an increasingly united Group with the same obejctives.

For the benefit of our clients, our Group aims to provide:
A LEADING ROLE IN SAFETY, offering high quality products and services;
- KNOW-HOW is not enough. We need to make others aware of our abilities, KNOWING HOW TO DO IT, in order for others to appreciate our skills, THEREBY CREATING A HIGH LEVEL OF CREDIBILITY.

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Focussing on service has always been a strategic factor; for this reason, CEA has adopted a policy of concentration of its Clients, based on the principle of partnership through a network of Specialised Service Centres capable of relating to Clients and fulfilling their most sophisticated requirements in terms of safety and fire prevention.

CEA's aims are: to improve the quality of its services by establishing procedures, standards and supply techniques; to improve the training of professional figures by organising training courses in order to provide the necessary tools and methods for carrying out day to day operations; to promote the image of the Service Centre on the market using the brand "SPECIALISED SERVICE CENTRE CEA EXTINGUISHERS".

The development of this service offer system has highlighted the need to identify new forms of communication which would allow the end Client to identify a set of services and professional skills immediately. With this in mind, a new logo which would express the strong bilateral links between CEA Extinguishers and the Service Centres and represent the professional unity of the two structures was devised at the beginning of 2002. This new logo was "CEA Services Group".
At the end of 2003 CEA Services Group obtained TÜV certification as a testament to its commitment to and improvements in quality and prevention. CEA Services Group is the first Italian company to obtain this recognition, which denotes a further guarantee of safety and high quality.
The philosophy which inspires all the Group's initiatives is one of strengthening the group's cohesion, in the belief that in the current market, now more turbulent than ever before, it is essential to join forces in order to grow.