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Fixed fire extinguishing systems for marine use

impianto aerosol

Aerosol Systems

Designed for protecting engine plant rooms, this system stands out due to its simplicity and low installation costs. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-acid and in aerosol form at the moment of activation, covering the protected area without reducing the oxygen content in the atmosphere  and without leaving any residue after it has been used.

Thanks to its small size and the absence of pipes and pressurised tanks, it is a suitable replacement for the extinguishing systems used up until now, such as CO2, powder etc. Does not harm the ozone layer.

RINA ISO 9094 approved.

impianto hcf227

HCF 227 Systems

Also known as FM200; this product has replaced Halon 1301 and acts by saturating the environment. Compared to extinguishing powder, it does not leave any residue. Therefore, even if it is accidentally operated, there is no need to restore all the mechanisms and accessories which would be clogged up by the extinguishing powder.

The kit comprises: FM 200 gas cylinder + special heat activated SPRINTVALVE at 79° + lead with handle for remote control + fixing clamp. Since it acts by saturation, this system does not require pipes nor additional nozzles.

RINA ISO 9094 approved..

impianto antincendio a polvere

Powder extinguishers

Automatic system with remote control and steel cable. Supplied with a set of pipes, connections and 4 dispensing nozzles.

Cylinder: made of steel FeP12 UNI 5867, sandblasted and varnished with polyurethane epoxy powder coating, resistant to impact, UV rays, marine climate and industrial corrosive environments.

Aautomatic valve with green manual vial calibrated to 93°C, threading M30x1.5 made of brass, complete with safety valve to protect against pressure surges and cylinder valve. Pressure gauge to control pressure with connection M 10 x1 with OR. Complete with marine support. Can be supplied with pyrotechnical type electrical control on request.

RINA ISO 9094 approved.