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Fire hose and fire-fighting equipment

Wall-mounted fire hoses


Wall-mounted fire hose

Galvanised steel cabinet. Polyester resin-based varnish especially for outdoors, RAL 3000. Safety configuration without sharp edges. Fire valve DN 45 PN16 - ISO7. Diameter of tubing 45 mm in compliance with UNI EN 14540, fitted with UNI 804 hose couplings and hose fastenings in compliance with UNI 7422 with sleeves to cover the fastenings.  Identification symbol. Instructions for use and fixing. Certified lever or rotary nozzle. Numbered seal. EC declaration of compliance.

Hose Reels

Up to 30 m composed of pyton tubing with a diameter of 25 mm, compliant with UNI 9488 - EN 694 standard. Hose reel with central water supply.  DN 25 nozzle with full jet,  spray or interrupted jet. 1” shut-off valve. Cabinet made of 1.5mm thick steel.  70 micron, RAL 3001 red epoxy varnish. Removable rear wall made of galvanised sheet steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm. Predetermined breaking points on 3 sides of the cabinet for running the supply tube.  Doors of double layer sheet steel  with a thickness of 1.5 mm and 180° opening.  Adhesive instructions label compliant with ISO 6390. Fixing instructions.

Standpost hydrants

Above ground iron hydrant compliant with DN 80 and DN 100, dry barrel type, with automatic antifreeze discharge. The outlets conform to UNI 70 and UNI 100 and are manufactured with  brass EN 1982 male connection according to UNI 810 regulations. Operated by turning of a pentagonal unified rotating wheel. Also available with automatic antifreeze discharge and pre-determined  breaking device which keeps the valve closed in the event of accidental impact.  Compliant with UNI EN 14384. Available in depths from 550 mm to 960 mm. Other diameters also available and with adapters according to foreign standards (BSS-STORZ-AFNOR).
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Underground hydrants

Underground hydrant DN 50, DN 65 and DN 80 with bayonet attachment.
COMPOSED MAINLY of: Grey iron G - 20 with brass seat bush, brass outlets and brass stem caps. CONNECTION TO WATER SUPPLY: Flange according to UNI 2278 - PN 16 PRESSINE MAXIMUM FLOW RATE: 1.6 MP a (16 bar). SURFACE TREATMENT: Black non-rusting surface.

Also available with threaded connection.

Fire-fighting equipment

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Hose with couplings compliant with UNI 804:07 EN 1982 in accordance with UNI EN 671/2:2004 and UNI 10779:2007 standards.

UNI 45 hose according to UNI EN 14540 standard, couplings according to UNI 804 standard, fastenings according to UNI 7422 standard with sleeves covering the fastenings, available in the following lengths: 15m – 20m – 25m – 30m.

UNI 70 hose according to UNI 9487 standard, M.I. certified, couplings according to

UNI 804 standard, fastenings according to UNI 7422 standard with sleeves covering the fastenings, available in the following lengths: 15m – 20m – 25m – 30m.0

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Branchpipes with lever operation

: Body and nozzle of brass, synthetic rubber seal, cone made of impact-resistant MOPLEN with non-slip coating; available DN 45 (weight 950 g) and DN 70 (weight 930 g).

Jet-spray: Aluminium alloy branchpipe with lever, synthetic rubber seals, available in DN 45 (weight 1150 g) and DN 70 (weight 2160 g).

Jet-spray 2: branchpipe with lever operation with safety coating, made of aluminium alloy with synthetic rubber seals, brass nozzle ; available in DN 45 (weight 1150 g) and DN 70 (weight 2960 g).)

Rotary branchpipes

Miami 45: made of  Nylon 6 and brass with synthetic rubber seals (weight 380 g).

Eurojet 70: made of polyamide resin and aluminium alloy with synthetic rubber seals (weight 730 g).

raccordo uni 804

Fire valves

UNI couplings.
Fire valves.
Male – male fixed adapters; male – female fixed adapters; female – female fixed adapters; rotary adapters.

Aluminium ports with valve; simple, 2-way brass ports;  2-way brass ports with gate valves; 3-way brass ports with gate valves; aluminium ports with valve with couplings according to UNI standards.

STORZ fire valves and couplings

British Standard couplings

AFNOR couplings

NFPA couplings

Russian and Spanish couplings

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Outlet connections

Outlet attachments for autopump according to UNI 10779:2007 standard for branching line:

threaded with swivelling outlet connect
threaded with valve
flanged with valveo