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Environmental protection

Items for safeguarding and protecting the corporate environment

assorbenti per olio idrocarburi

Absorbent pads for oil and hydrocarbon spillages on the ground and in water

Absorbent pads for use in all situations of spillage of oil, hydrocarbons, varnishes and solvents, both on the ground and in water.  Made of polypropylene fibre, these pads are easy to use and can be used over and over again until they are completely saturated. "Oil Only Plus" is a high quality range of absorbent pads with an extremely high degree of absorbency (up to 20 times their own weight).
The main feature of the "CONTRACTORS" range of absorbent pads is their remarkable degree of absorbency and excellent resistance. They are ideal for large-scale use and for mopping up large spillages, due to their absorbency speed (10% faster than traditional absorbent pads) and convenience.

SPEED +10%.

protezione tombini

Safety devices for grid manhole covers

Protective mat for manhole covers.
Used to prevent infiltrations.
Easy to use: in emergencies, simply lay it over the manhole cover.
Made of high quality polymers.
Resistant and flexible.
Adheres pefectly to the ground, even when the ground is uneven, rough or cracked.
Resistant to water, hydrocarbons and to the most aggressive chemicals.
Wash after use for immediate re-use.

Vehicle and driver safety equipment

armadi di sicurezza liquidi pericolosi

Secure cabinets for dangerous liquids

Single layer carbon steel cabinet.
Rounded edges to prevent accidents.
Drip tray at the bottom.
Folding handles and key to shut the cabinet.
Powder coated and kiln fired at 200°C.
Height adjustable feet.
Accident warning and anti-pollution safety labelling as stipulated by current regulations and national and European standards.

armadi sicurezza liquidi infiammabili


According to EN 14470-1.
Certified secure cabinets for storing flammable liquids and solids according to EN 14470-1.
Fire-proof tests performed at approved laboratories according to the provisions of EN 1363-1:1999 and UNI EN 1363-1:2001.
TÜV certificazione for each individual product.
Entirely manufactured from pickled steel, with anti-acid epoxy powder varnish applied electrostatically followed by passing through thermal tunnel at 200°C. Thickness of the varnish in excess of 100 micron.
Control of varnish thickness on a scale of 1:1 as per UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 procedure.
New construction technique with double layer composed of an internal and an external shell.
Thermally expanding seal (DIN 4102), which inflates in the event of a fire, completely isolating the interior of the cabinet from the exterior.
Ecologically friendly fireproof insulation composed of highly fire resistant material. 
Internal shell with pannelling made of corrosion-resistant material.
Closure with automatic return doors.
Patented thermal device for door closure at ambient temperature of 50°C. Non-electric (optional).
Unforced internal ventilation system for vapours, with two certified safety valves  with automatic shut-off at ambient temperature of 70±10°C as per regulation. 100mm external connecting collar.
Shelves made of electrogalvanised steel, varnished with anti-acid epoxy powder.
The removable shelves are tray style to catch any drips and can be height adjusted.
Bottom tray made of electrogalvanised steel, varnished with anti-acid epoxy powder. Tray included depending on the model.
Safety code closure with cylinder lock.
Patented safety closing system IGNIS LOCK which keeps the doors closed in the event of fire.
Anti-sparking door opening system.
Electronic system for replacing filters (included depending on the model).
Earthed to prevent electrostatic charges.
Danger signs warning of the presence of flammable products, no-smoking signs and do not use naked flames sign according to DIN 4844 and ISO 3864 standards.
Palletised plinth with front covering for moving the cabinets (present in models 2m high).
Adjustable feet to level the cabinet.
Civil liability insurance for the cabinet’s asset-life.